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Knowing About the Special Features of Brazilian Walnut Decking

If there is a popularity rating among woods used for residential decking projects, then Brazilian walnut beats all other kinds of wood. It has so many desirable properties in one package that it is hard to ignore it as potential decking option. Also known as Ipe, this wood is an exotic species, and is known to last the owner at least 20 years without adding any preservatives. Some dealers derive Brazilian walnut from responsibly reared forests, making them environmentally aware. Let’s explore more about this wonder-wood.

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Everything You Need to Know About IPE Hardwood Decking

IPE is one of the most popular woods used for flooring and decking, mostly in residential projects. It is naturally hard, contains less moisture and is durable without maintenance, which is why people love it. Rain or shine; your deck will always look beautiful with IPE. The color it sports is a beautiful dark brown, which is probably the best and the most natural wood colors to have on a deck. Here is everything you need to know about IPE hardwood decking, in a nutshell.

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Top 3 Ways of Laying Brazilian Hardwood Decking

Brazilian hardwoods are perhaps the most popular species of exotic hardwood that are highly sought after for decking and flooring. People just love the durability and the color range that these woods give them, making them rank among the top favorite woods of the nation. There are many Brazilian hardwoods available in the market, each one as good as the other:

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