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Comparing Garapa Decking with and Tigerwood Decking

Garapa decking and Tigerwood decking are two different hardwood varieties with striking qualities that may sometimes make it difficult to choose from between the two. However, some differences exist which make it possible to choose according to needs. While similar in structural characteristics and price, the color is a major differentiator. Here is a ring side view of both the hardwoods and the differences therein.

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Different Ways of Laying Brazilian IPE Decking

Decks are a part of garden landscaping, extending living areas of houses, for luxury and a deck can beautifully match the gap between indoors and outdoors. Decks provide comfortable space from which the backyard can be enjoyed. And far from being a basic rectangle at the back of the house, a deck can be customised to fit any house and lifestyle, and the best choice is Brazilian Ipe decking. Laying a wooden deck is not as arduous as many people believe. A deck made of Brazilian Walnut will give decades of solid performance, if maintained well with deck oil and other treatments it can almost give seventy-five years and plus of lifespan. Here is a brief outline of Brazilian Ipe deck laying.

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Why Doesn’t Ipe Decking Need Maintenance And Care?

Very few trees and wood are endowed with the qualities that Ipe wood exhibits. This is because of the intrinsic qualities of the wood. The diverse and extreme conditions that exist in the Amazon forests have conditioned most of the flora and fauna to be rugged. And Ipe wood is no exception. Out of the near endless list of climatic conditions and the onslaught of insects, Ipe wood has remained tall, unscathed by the relentless attacks. It is this condition which moves into the furniture made with Ipe. Read on to understand why Ipe requires no maintenance.

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