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Brazilian Teak Decking – Choosing the Right One Makes All the Difference

Brazilian Teak Decking is also termed as Cumaru Decking, is the most exotic and ultra-low maintenance decking used worldwide. Decks that are crafted out of Brazilian Teak decking are commonly loved by people who value those special moments they spend in their backyard or patio or any other outdoor living area. No wonder Brazilian teak decking is one of the most preferred among homeowners, constructors and developers due to its amazing and unique benefits. But making the right choice is all that makes the difference. One wrong decision on color, type or strength can ruin your deck’s beauty and durability. Continue reading

Ipe Decking – Flooring with a Special Flair

The trend of designing a beautiful deck for a house has caught on and stuck with the public in full vigour. The beautification that a well-chosen decking offers to homeowners is incomparable. The increasing demand for good quality decking has led to innovations in the industry where decking material is concerned. One of the most popular decking materials is the Ipe wood. In this blog, you shall learn how Ipe decking is a flooring with a special flair.

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Exotic Hardwood Floors – 5 Elite Species for Your Home

Wooden flooring is perhaps the most sought-after flooring that every home owner aims for. It gives a charm and panache to the inside environment, which makes the dwellers feel very cosy and secure. There are many flooring materials available in the market, out of which wood is the most loved. Woods, too, are many in number – some are more commonly available while others are exotic. In this blog we shall discuss exotic hardwood floors – five elite species that you can select for installation in your home.

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Know Cedar Lumber and Its Advantages

When it comes to woodwork and flooring for homes, Cedar lumber is definitely the more expensive option as compared to other types of wood. But its remarkable benefits make it worth spending the extra money. Perfect for use in all kinds of applications, you will find cedar wood being used in home sidings, fencing, shingles, gazebos, decking, doors, windows, blinds, shutters and a whole lot more. It happens to be the most versatile type of wood for residential use and offers a series of advantages over other wood varieties. Let’s explore:

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Decking Made With Tiger Wood with Stand the Test of Time and Element

Spring is sweeping in, and now it is the perfect time to enjoy the balmy summers in your backyard! Intrigued? We are talking about the beautifying effects of tigerwood decking used for decking options residentially and commercially. It is cent percent true said that tigerwood decking is one of the most cost-effective decking that withstands harsh climatic conditions, and still maintains the charm and glee of the space. For exterior projects and a couple of entryways and backyards, tigerwood is considered to be quite a successful and reliable decking material. There are many more benefits that you should know about tigerwood decking, read on to know more:

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Use Ipe Deck to Give a Touch of Lavish Style to Your Homes

Wooden flooring, without a doubt, elevates the elegance of any space it adorns. There is no questioning the charm of a wooden floor when it has been chosen with care. On the same note, there are many varieties of wood available that offer different properties and colors as flooring options. If you are looking for something truly fancy and uptown, use ipe deck to give a touch of lavish style to your homes.

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Tips to Help You Understand the Originality of Cedar Wood Decking

While many identify cedar as ideal and premium wood for furniture, it is a proven fact that western red cedar wood is perfect for outdoors, especially decking. This is mainly due to the nature of the heartwood, the color and the reasonable hardness.  Getting the right wood from the right sources is important to ensure that the decking wood will last long and give great value. Here are a few tips that will help you to winnow your choice down to the best grade of cedar wood to grace your outdoors and decking:

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Know Why We Use Decking Material for Beach Homes

Simply put, beachfront homes are dream homes. Nothing quite matches the experience of living in a beach home, watching the sun announce the day as it breaks over the horizon or the waves lapping on the shore. It is mesmeric, it is pure joy to possess beachfront property. To be able to enjoy the sights and sounds for a long period, it is essential to ensure that the decking material lasts long. Typical coastal climate will take the sheen out of most material when exposed constantly. We help you refocus on the reasons for choosing a particular type of decking material for beach homes.

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