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Tigerwood Decking Can Support Outdoor Furniture, Appliances and Other Items

Some people like setting a large number of different items, furniture, and cooking appliances on top of their deck. It is important to remember that your deck is designed with a maximum weight limit, based upon the type of supports used underneath it. If you overload the deck with an excessive amount of weight, the boards could curl on the ends, or the supports might give out, and the entire deck would then fall down. Continue reading

Before Installing Brazilian Teak Decking Verify the Support Structure is Level

The most important component to a new deck is the foundation, base, and frame. Prior to installing your Brazilian teak wood over the structure, it is vital to ensure it is level. If you install your decking on an uneven base and frame, there is a chance the boards will not be fully secured. You could end up with gaps on one side of the deck, in between the flooring and the frame. Further, leaving exposed sections of the frame can result in water accumulating in these areas under the deck floor and cause the structure to deteriorate at a faster rate. Continue reading

Put Finishing Touches on Your New Deck with Fortress Railing

Any time you are designing a new deck, you need to remember to include the finishing touches like Fortress railing. Adding railing around the perimeter of the deck helps prevent accidental falls, since most decks are raised off the ground. You should also consider using this style of railing stairs leading up or down to the main deck areas. Continue reading

Replace Your Existing Deck with New Cumaru Decking

Getting started on a new deck project requires the proper planning and preparation. One of the most common mistakes people make is starting this project without any real plan in place. They decide one day they want a new deck and proceed to rip out the old one. Then they head over to their local decking supplier and guess how much wood and materials are needed to build a new one. Not only does this increase the likelihood of purchasing the wrong materials and supplies, but also results in going over budget. Continue reading

Consider Ipe Wood Decking in Place of T&G Decking

You have different options any time you are shopping for new wood decking. One option some people come across is called tongue and groove (T&G) decking. This type of decking is similar to the press and place floating hardwood floors you may have installed into your home. However, T&G decking is not waterproof when used on exposed decks. This is because you have to allow for drainage and ventilation, as well as space for the wood to expand and contract with changes in temperatures. Since water drains under the decking, it is possible that it will not be fully dry, even if it is elevated off of the ground. Continue reading

Cumaru is One Type of Brazilian Hardwood Available on the Market Today

There is a wide variety of Brazilian hardwood available on the market, today, which can be used to build decks, boat docks, and outdoor furniture. In the past, obtaining Brazilian hardwoods was costly and difficult, due to limited supplies. However, thanks to responsible tree farms, it is easier to obtain the type of wood you desire, such as Ipe, Cumaru, or Garapa. The responsible farming and harvesting of Brazilian hardwoods has not only helped to restore many of the lost forests in the country, but also has created a renewable source, so that future generations are able to enjoy the beauty and charm these kinds of woods bring to your projects. Continue reading

Ipe Hardwood Decking Has Design Benefits over Other Materials

You are able to take advantage of several design benefits of using Ipe hardwood decking over other materials. This Brazilian hardwood is naturally fire resistant and difficult to burn. This wood has a service life of 50 years, or longer, with the proper maintenance. It is environmentally friendly, because it was turned into decking from renewable forests. Further, the wood has resistance to termites, mold, and fungus, so it does not require any added protectants or sealants. Continue reading

Different Reasons for Building a Cedar Lumber Deck

There are a variety of different reasons people build decks onto their homes or in other outdoor areas. One reason is to increase the resale value of the home. It is important to remember, if you are selling your home, your deck needs to look new. If it looks worn, in need of repairs or maintenance, it does not allow you to ask more for the property. Another reason people install decks is to have an area they are able to enjoy the outdoors, without having to worry about ground pests like ants. Because most decks are raised off the ground and use treated wood, like cedar lumber with insect protection, it keeps ants and other bugs from getting onto you deck. Continue reading

Choose Environmentally Friendly Decking Materials like Cedar Boards

You should make sure the kind of decking materials you purchase are obtained from renewable resources. By taking the time to find out if your building supplier obtains their wood, boards, and other materials from responsible sources, you ensure you are doing your part for the environment. For example, cedar is a type of wood typically grown in many of the western states. However, cutting down redwood forests simply to harvest the wood is not a responsible choice, as this harms the environment. Instead, there are specific suppliers who constantly replant new trees to keep the supply of cedar readily available, and to protect our forests and the environment. Continue reading

Expand Your Cedar Decking to Add an Outdoor Kitchen or Spa

One reason people remodel their decks is to make them bigger, to accommodate hot tubs, spas, and outdoor kitchens. Because these items take up a large amount of space, it involves expanding a standard 10 by 10 deck to a larger size. Some people keep their existing deck and simply add onto it. Expansion projects are fine, if your current cedar decking is in great shape. However, if the boards are older, starting to warp, or have other noticeable issues, it may be better to start over with a brand new design. Continue reading