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Using Durable Cumaru Decking on the Floor

Cumaru wood is better known as Brazilian or Golden Teak. Being a golden brown hardwood, it is one of the best choices for decking, furniture, flooring, bearings, and handles. The wood is rot and decay resistant and lasts longer than most others. It is a dense wood with Janka hardness of 3,540 (12% m.c.). Its basic specific gravity ranges from .80 to .91. This makes it a good choice for scratch resistant flooring in a house, even in high foot traffic areas.

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Different Lumber Choices for Trailer Decking

Trailer floor decking can be done using various types of wood. The choice of the material is dependent on factors such as the type of goods the trailer will carry, whether it will operate on the interstate or will it deliver goods from the container depot to the dock or airport and back. The weather also has a role to play here. For instance, whether you want a wood that is water and mold resistant, or you want something that can withstand extreme heat. The choice of the wood is determined by all these factors, in addition to your budget and business practices.

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