Everything You Wanted To Know About Brazilian Teak aka Cumaru Decking

Brazilian teak decking has become a popular choice for quite a majority of discerning contractors as well as homeowners, because it is a naturally-durable Brazilian timber and has a density that is similar to Ipe. It has a variety of shades and, at the same time, comes at a moderate cost which makes it an attractive alternative to many expensive hardwoods like Ipe. Brazilian teak decking is resistant to rot as well as decay which makes it an excellent choice for using it as exterior applications such as decking. Brazilian teak decking not only is durable, but also has the beauty like that of an interior hardwood. It has outlasted many other wood decking materials like treated Pine, Redwood, Cedar and Douglas Fir.

The main characteristic feature of Brazilian teak, which makes it one of the best types of wood for decking, is strength. Its durability is another reason why people usually opt for this for most of the woodwork around the house other than decking, like furniture items such as dining sets, sun loungers, benches, and chairs. Originating from South America, Brazilian teak is a kind of tropical hardwood that is used as materials for different items that demand strength as well as weather-resistance. Brazilian Teak comprises of a high oil content which makes it excellent to be submerged in any type of weather condition.

Apart from being resistant to wear and tear, Brazilian teak decking is also very low-maintenance. Maintaining it with the help of sealants or simply just cleaning it with water and soap for a couple of times in a year is enough. It adds up a natural beauty to your home, it may be inside or outside.

Brazilian teak wood decking ranges in a variety of colors from golden yellow to medium brownish tones. You will detect quite a bit of rich tan, which is sometimes also referred to be as ‘chocolate milk’ color, and also some reddish hues. Amber is another evocative word often used to refer to Brazilian wood decking.

Brazilian hardwood is also said to boast a tight grain, because of the density of this family of wood. You can always expect to find a color variation in most of the flooring brands. These variations might fade over time, although most of the time they can still be detected through a close eye. Wooden decks usually tend to fade faster because of coming in contact with natural light.

If you are wondering which wood to use as an all-purpose go-to, choose Brazilian Teak.

About the Author:

This article is written by Bruce Master. He gained an interest in woodworking at an early age. Bruce Master started working with contractors in the 1970s as a salesman at Ace Hardware in Miami. Over the years, he discovered and fell in love with Brazilian woods. He has built decks, docks and specialty items using many of the Brazilian woods. Today, Bruce loves his job as Operations Manager for ABS Wood, a Brazilian wood retailer.