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Long planned and well thought out, the Colormatch Deck Screws from Deckwise™ provide ease of installation of any Ipe decking project. The Colormatch Deck Screws have been thoroughly tested in both Brazilian Hardwood and composite projects. Deckwise™ Colormatch Deck Screws 305 Stainless auger bit fastener is a fine choice when selecting a compliment for your Garapa deck.




A wide variety of colors and sizes are available. All Colormatch have the following characteristics'.

    • T-15 Star Heads
    • 305 Stainless Steel
    • Brown & Black colored
    • Stainless colored- perfect for T&G
    • Auger Tips

In addition, we stock a variety of sizes just right for your deck project.

Coloredmatch Deck Screws (Black, Brown or Stainless)
350 count for 100 sq ft
1050 count for 300 sq ft
1750 count for 500 sq ft
100 count to augment

Note: Sq Ft counts assume 16" oc spacing on your Ipe Deck


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