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The Smart-Bit PRO PLUG™ for wood decking

Drill and Plug in under 20 seconds!

We carry the Pro Plug for Ipe, Tigerwood, Massaranduba, Cumaru, Garapa, Abaco, and more.  Call us with your type of wood.


 Pro-Plug kits for Ipe pro-plug-in-the-box
All you really need to get started are two PRO PLUG™ items — the PRO PLUG™ Tool for Wood and PRO PLUG™ Plug & Fastener Kit — along with a bottle of wood glue (not supplied) and some simple tools.

The SMART-BIT® PRO PLUG™ System was tightly engineered to create a perfect looking and fitting result. Therefore, only PRO PLUG™ components should be used together.

Pro-Plug overview


1. The PRO PLUG™ Tool creates a screw hole and countersink portion that is perfectly matched to the PRO PLUG™ Fasteners. All aspects of the screw were considered in engineering the hole: shank diameter, overall length, countersink angle, head height and head diameter. The tool also creates a counterbore portion that is perfectly matched to the PRO PLUG™ Plug.

2. The PRO PLUG™ Glue Nozzle coats the side of the hole, which is where the glue is needed for holding power. Little to no glue ends up on the bottom, where it is not needed and where excess glue can create a hydraulic lock preventing full plug insertion.

3. system triptychThe plugs themselves combine the best of flared and straight-walled plug designs. Starborn Industries, Inc.'s unique chamfer design with reduced flare angle offers easy insertion and an extremely tight fit as the plug compresses around the top of the hole. This allows for complete insertion of the plug without sawing or chiseling off the top portion. The flare angle is so slight that any pushing up effect with weathering is minimal to zero.



Pro-Plug Ipe kit

The PRO PLUG™ Tool for Ipe and Brazilian hardwoods

Each tool package includes a complete tool, 2 standard size replacement drill bits, a Stub Bit and a hex wrench for replacing drill bits.

The pre-drilling and counterbore tool is derived from Starborn Industries, Inc.'s hugely popular SMART-BIT® pre-drilling and countersinking tool. It creates a perfect screw hole, countersink and counterbore, into which our specially engineered screws and plugs fit with a level of previously unmet perfection.
Pro-Plug Ipe Details
The PRO PLUG™  standard size drill bits feature the same POWERBOLIC® fluting technology as SMART-BIT® as well. This special fluting drills through hardwood decking more than 2x as fast as conventional bits, even dense hardwoods like Ipe! POWERBOLIC® bit

Creating only the plug hole, Starborn's new optional Stub Bit is useful where the smaller 1-5/8" screws (from the flooring kit) are used. And where plug-only installations are being made, as when plugs are used for aesthetic effect only.

Pro-Plug Replacement BitsPRO PLUG™ Replacement Drill Bits are available sold in packs of 5. Currently, there are only replacement bits for PRO PLUG™ standard size bits.

Pro-Plug-in-the-box Pro-Plug-instructions